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Frequently asked questions regarding atomizers

The up-to-the-minute vape mod comprises of two major sections: the battery component and atomizer (cartridge combo). The two parts are vital to the key function of an e cigarette. However, the cartridge combo perhaps performs a greater noteworthy function in the flavor and vaping experience. Actually, one can state that the customizer or cartridge combo is the central unit of the mechanical mod.

Through learning the functions, parts, and what an atomizer is, vapers can make informed choices before them vape. They also can be informed regarding the greatest savor, and durability from their devices. 

Continue reading to learn about some of the common question asked by vapers.

What is an atomizer?

Electronic cigarettes should encompass an element, which warms the nicotine juice until it vaporizes, to transform flavored e-juice into charming inhalable vapor. The heating component is referred to as an atomizer. The component is positioned inside an e cigarette casing, or any other accessory holding the e liquid, which joins to the lithium-ion battery.
There are a lot of heating chambers to choose from presently, and they vary is purpose as well as design. For example, some atomizers generate greater vapor smokes, others are designed to augment the flavor, and others endeavor for a sturdier throat hit. Eventually, determining the finest brand hangs on your precise predilections.

What is the work of an atomizer?

When you vape a vape mod, a microchip relay signals to the battery to transmit current to run the atomizer. The heating component obtains this current power and produces heat with help of a coil. A wicking fabric pulls juice into the coil and there you are! You obtain you fine nicotine fix.

Are atomizers secure?

Definitely, they are safe. The exterior casing and cartridge protect the source of heat in an e cigarette; hence, there is not fear of burning your body or fortuitously beginning a fire. Nevertheless, as atomizers do not comprise of heating coils, there are vital protection facts to bear in mind to make certain that the contrivance does not roast.
At Grand Vapor Station, the wellbeing of our clienteles is a chief significance. That said our vape mods bear automatic protection element, which switches off the mod after a few seconds of non-stop vaping. As a rule, yet, a roasted battery – not the atomizer – brings out a hitch or failure.

For how long can an atomizer last?

The life expectancy of the cartridge combo may vary from three to five weeks on average. The lifespan hangs on the regularity and extent of vaping. In many instances, the mod break down ensues slowly – beginning with a babbling sound and continuing to savor loss and overall unfeelingness.
Be keen as you vape and look at the probable signs. Other warnings that your atomizer needs replacement are as follows:
·         There is not vapor produced by your mod
·         Juice leaking without a particular reason
·         Pitiable vapor creation
·         Less gratification from your vapor cigarette
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Atomizers: learn killer facts

There is immense hullabaloo regarding e cigarettes. Some folks wonder what their advantages are, and how to operate them. This is partially due to how they are creating their path into the vape industry and becoming widespread day by day. However, not aiding the mix-up is the shortage of genuine evidence vis-à-vis atomizers, clearomizers, or cartomizers. The aforementioned components are the vital components of vaping that the majority does not recognize. 

The majority do not know what the parts are or what the disparity between them is. Nevertheless, knowing these vape mod constituents is the solution to making informed choices and guaranteeing you entail the greatest experience. Therefore, Grand Vapor Station analyzes for you precisely what the components are, how they work specifically exactly, and how they can transform your mechanical mod use.

A Look at atomizers

Each vapor cigarette encompasses at best three major sections within- the atomizer (heat chamber), the battery, and the tank. In the heat chamber, the e juice is transformed into vapor, but at times there is another element between the nicotine liquid and the chamber. This can be either a cartomizer or a clearomizer. Hence, both cartomizers and clearomizers entail an in-built heat chamber. Actually, any available kind of e cigarette structure has a heat chamber.

How atomizers function

The atomizer entails a coil that is run by the battery. The coil warms up and heats the e-juice. The e-juice heats until vaporization take place. The liquid transforms into vapor, which you can notice arising from the vape mod

Now when the heat chamber is by itself in the mod devoid of a cartomizer or clearomizer then the nicotine juice typically drips right into it. The chamber comprises a wick, which suck up the juice and aids control the e-juice flow. This warrants that moderate vapor is being created and that the juice roasts at a rational ratio to create prolonged vaping sessions.

Dripping with an Atomizer

With this type of atomizer, you drip the e-juice straight onto the heat coil. This is effectual but also intricate and somewhat bothersome. The finest thing regarding use of straight dripping technique and the chamber individually is the unblemished and strong savor when you vape.

Not anything splits the heating chamber from the juice. This implies that there is not dilution taking place. This technique also guarantees that the vapor does not overheat. Other ways can heat the liquid and produce an unfriendly taste. However, when the juice drips straight onto the atomizer, you vape confidently.

On the shortcoming, utilizing the atomizer solely is troublesome and can create a great mess. You might have to tidy your e cigarette more often, and eliminating the gluey deposit is hard. If you are not utilizing the vape mod properly when vaping, you might also flood the mod with e-juice.

For newbies in the community, it is easier to err and result in a mess on your palms. You can also feel a roasted taste if you use the mod after the juice is depleted. Visit for more tips, and all the negativities will be evaded once you learn how to vape correctly.

How to clean an atomizer

Vapers who consider vaping their e cigarettes with drip tips and atomizers (cartomizer combo) normally feel this way, as they think cartomizer combos entail savor and vapor creation features better than cartomizers. The shortcoming, however, is that they are pricier per piece – usually sells at $20 for a topnotch piece and at times the price is higher. 

In case, you need an affordable use of vape mod, make sure your cartomizer combo lasts longer as much as possible. Read along to learn some tips on how to clean a cartomizer combo and eliminate the deposit, which amasses when you vape for weeks. 

With the advices, one can possibly increase the savor production whilst greatly extending the life of your mechanical mods. 

Shallow atomizer cleaning
You possibly only switch you e cigarette battery like once in a day, and that is roughly how frequently Grand Vapor Station recommend doing a fast cleansing. The only materials needed for cleaning are a bottle of the e-juice and a paper towel you plan to use after changing batteries.
Detach the atomizer and take a keen look at the mod’s drip and winding, too. Most probably, a tad of nicotine juice will have amassed in one or even several areas. Pleat your paper towel to form a thin triangle and cram it into all parts to suck the nicotine juice up. If the casing of your mechanical mod acts as the battery too, continually perform this prior to recharging the battery to eschew the e-juice form finding its way into the charger. 

The following procedure is to pleat your paper towel into a quadrangle and clutch it on one ending of you atomizer whilst puffing on the other side. For impeccable outcomes, you ought to blow on the winding whilst placing the paper towel above the gap on the drip tip. Even though it is seems nasty to puff across the drip tip, performing this technique may thrust the cartomizer combo’s wick downward. There is no danger if you do it moderately, however, there is a likelihood that blowing past the drip tip can instigate constrained airflow and deteriorate the performance of your vape mod in general. 

With the surplus nicotine juice emptied in the interior of the cartomizer combo, one could add a tad of extra e-juice through the drip tip and continue vaping.

Deep atomizer cleansing

Deep cleaning you atomizer occasionally can aid you eliminate grave deposits on the heating coil like vegetable glycerin, sweetener and flavors. To cleanse your cartomizer combo in this way, start by warming some water for about one minute. Make sure the water gets warm but not beyond the boiling point. 

Put your cartomizer combo into the warm water and whoosh it round carefully until when confident that all deposit is eliminated. After you have completed, puff mildly via the atomizer to get rid of excessive water.

Lastly, allow your piece to dry totally - if possible close to a fan – for around 24 hours. The moisture soaks the wick after a deep cleansing, and it taste bad when you vape.
Afterwards, attach your atomizer with the drip tip, yet do not fix to your vape mod. Add e-juice, wait for 30 seconds, and wipe the excess juice. Reassemble you e cigarette, and voila! Enjoy your vaping!

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How to handle a dripping atomizer

The atomizer is a crucial component in an e cigarette. It comprises of a heating element, which warms the e-juice and produce vapor. Most components are changed regularly depending on how you vape. Consider replacement if you note the vapor is not as sturdy. At, Grand Vapor Station we encompass an extensive range of heating components. All are manufactured using first-rate standards by premier companies in the vaping industry.
Continue reading to learn how to use a dripping atomizer.

  •   510 Atomizer LR/ST

1. Fix the 510 atomizer to your battery
2. Top the vape mod component with five droplets of e-juice directly into the gap
3. Connect your favored 510-drip tip
4. Trickle three droplets of juice when you want to vape up to 15 puffs

Cleaning, troubleshooting, and lifespan:
If your atomizer pours out, you are dripping too much liquid. Ensure you just drip after you feel the hit getting drier. The lifetime ranges from two to five weeks. In addition, tiding your component and avoiding it to heat whilst dry will prolong its lifespan.
To tidy a 510 piece, immerse in a jar of hot water and leave it to soak. Rinse continually until you the e-juice smell clears in the water. Then allow your device dry entirely prior to vaping again. 

  • ·         510 Hybrid Atomizer LR/ST
1. Fasten the Hybrid atomizer to your battery
2. Top the vape mod with seven drops of juice directly into the gap
3. Fix a 510-drip tip to the e cigarette component
4. Drip three drops of nicotine liquid for every 15 puffs

Troubleshooting, cleansing, and lifecycle:
If your vape mod trickles out, reduce the amount of drops. Make sure you only drip if the savor begins to dwindle. Mostly, the lifespan is between two to four weeks. Clean the component, and avoid using when it runs dry to prolong its life.
Whilst cleaning, place the Hybrid component in a jar containing hot water. Leave it to soak for 30 minutes. Rinse severally until the e-juice smell is no more. Allow the atomizer to dry completely you can vape again. 

  • ·         306 Atomizer LR/ST
1. Fix the 306 component to your battery
2. Add four droplets of juice entirely concealing the passage at the
3. Attach any favored of 306 drip
4. Prime your component with three drop if you want to vape 10-15 puffs

Troubleshooting, clean up, and lifespan:
If your atomizer seeps out, then you are dripping too often than the recommend quantity. You should drip only if the taste is fading or the puffs are getting dry.
The lifecycle of your component is between two and five weeks. Be sure to clean your e cigarette thoroughly. Again, avoid usage when it is already dry or you risk spoiling your component. Appropriate maintenance will extend the life of the vape mod in general.
Clean your Hybrid atomizer by placing in a jar hot water and allow it to soak. Afterwards rinse thoroughly to ensure no trails of e-juice is left behind. Before vaping, leave it overnight to dry.
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When to replace an e cigarette atomizer

If you vape a three-piece e cigarette with a replaceable cartridges, the atomizer is arguably the major component of the vaping experience. A vape mod cannot create vapor without it. The said component lasts for a short while, probably a month. After the wear out, one needs to replace them to proceed attaining their nicotine fix.
Atomizers are a bit expensive, hence you do not want to dispose one until it is yet time. Continue reading to learn how one can know when it is time for replacement. Learn some of the common indicators of the component’s malfunction.

Atomizers breakdown gradually

In numerous cases, an atomizer stops working slowly before it calls for a replacement. The coil within ceases producing heat like before, some begin producing babbling sounds, savors taste different, reduced vapor creation, and extensive unresponsiveness. Since the failure tend to come on gradually, it is very hard to discern that your e cigarette is not as gratifying as before. In case you do not like your nicotine shot like before, you need to consider a prompt replacement.
Some of the signs of a failing atomizer include:

Your atomizer leaks juice

When you vape, you may note that your vape mod spurts liquid onto your tongue just after addition of one or two dribs to it. One may attempt to resolve this by whooshing on it many times; still the hitch tends to stay. As it shows up, the atomizer might not have flooded as one may think at first. This is an indication that the mod component is not warming up virtually as quick as it would be. As a result, the nicotine juice finds its way into your mouth.

An opus of babbling sounds

Grand Vapor Station offers regular check up on your atomizer to ascertain it is working appropriately without glitches. In case, you are a customer, and observe a trend with many of stoppage signs discussed here, do not hesitate visiting the vape store.
One sign of crashing may be with no trouble confused for something else. Babbling sounds are no exemption. They are revealing indication that you have swamped your atomizer, yet they can similarly be an indication that your vape mod is breaking down soon.
Without a doubt, this is a simple fault to make since you vape in pattern after a while of flooding. Regardless of your vaping levels, your mod might not sustain your want. If you notice the trend, know that there is a need for quick replacement.

Deprived vapor production

While using your e cigarette, you might notice the quantity of vapor produces is diminishing slowly. You may not be gratified like you used to be. Even though you ought to be always watchful of your nicotine consumption to evade addiction from creeping back, it is more possible that your mechanical mod is slowly stopping. In case you note that it does not function like its previous state, then that is simply an addition indication that it is time to replace your heating component. For more information regarding atomizers, click Visit us today for a variety of exclusive components.