Thursday, 19 March 2015

How to handle a dripping atomizer

The atomizer is a crucial component in an e cigarette. It comprises of a heating element, which warms the e-juice and produce vapor. Most components are changed regularly depending on how you vape. Consider replacement if you note the vapor is not as sturdy. At, Grand Vapor Station we encompass an extensive range of heating components. All are manufactured using first-rate standards by premier companies in the vaping industry.
Continue reading to learn how to use a dripping atomizer.

  •   510 Atomizer LR/ST

1. Fix the 510 atomizer to your battery
2. Top the vape mod component with five droplets of e-juice directly into the gap
3. Connect your favored 510-drip tip
4. Trickle three droplets of juice when you want to vape up to 15 puffs

Cleaning, troubleshooting, and lifespan:
If your atomizer pours out, you are dripping too much liquid. Ensure you just drip after you feel the hit getting drier. The lifetime ranges from two to five weeks. In addition, tiding your component and avoiding it to heat whilst dry will prolong its lifespan.
To tidy a 510 piece, immerse in a jar of hot water and leave it to soak. Rinse continually until you the e-juice smell clears in the water. Then allow your device dry entirely prior to vaping again. 

  • ·         510 Hybrid Atomizer LR/ST
1. Fasten the Hybrid atomizer to your battery
2. Top the vape mod with seven drops of juice directly into the gap
3. Fix a 510-drip tip to the e cigarette component
4. Drip three drops of nicotine liquid for every 15 puffs

Troubleshooting, cleansing, and lifecycle:
If your vape mod trickles out, reduce the amount of drops. Make sure you only drip if the savor begins to dwindle. Mostly, the lifespan is between two to four weeks. Clean the component, and avoid using when it runs dry to prolong its life.
Whilst cleaning, place the Hybrid component in a jar containing hot water. Leave it to soak for 30 minutes. Rinse severally until the e-juice smell is no more. Allow the atomizer to dry completely you can vape again. 

  • ·         306 Atomizer LR/ST
1. Fix the 306 component to your battery
2. Add four droplets of juice entirely concealing the passage at the
3. Attach any favored of 306 drip
4. Prime your component with three drop if you want to vape 10-15 puffs

Troubleshooting, clean up, and lifespan:
If your atomizer seeps out, then you are dripping too often than the recommend quantity. You should drip only if the taste is fading or the puffs are getting dry.
The lifecycle of your component is between two and five weeks. Be sure to clean your e cigarette thoroughly. Again, avoid usage when it is already dry or you risk spoiling your component. Appropriate maintenance will extend the life of the vape mod in general.
Clean your Hybrid atomizer by placing in a jar hot water and allow it to soak. Afterwards rinse thoroughly to ensure no trails of e-juice is left behind. Before vaping, leave it overnight to dry.
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