Thursday, 19 March 2015

Atomizer tips and maintenance

Here is an awesome piece containing tips to extend your atomizer’s lifespan. It is vital to search for an appropriate equilibrium, which ends in either a great performance or even a significant vape mod lifetime. High wattage and minimal resistance always offer a better vaping experience, however, it deteriorate the lifespan of your e cigarette

E cig batteries companies state their normal lifecycle before they decline in performance. Lithium Ion batteries usually encompass around 500 cycles. To vape with higher voltage denotes that charge drains faster, calling for frequent recharging. 

Resistance of the coil in the atomizer (cartomizer) might entail the same impact regarding the lifespan of the heating element as well the battery. Low resistance element lets higher current to run through the coil; hence, it gets warmer than a higher resistance coil on the similar voltage battery.

Tips to maintain your atomizer

After a while, atomizers are clogged because of the savors comprised in the nicotine juices amassing within as the juices are vaporized. Some savors could be more difficult, in this realm because of changing constituents in diverse savors. Generally, darker e-juice shades are more likely to clog or dirty the cartomizers at a faster rate compared to lighter shades. 

Since cartomizers become congested, there exist numerous revealing indications, which signify your device is calling for a cleanup. Some of the telltale signs are such as:
·         There is not vapor production when you vape 

·         When vaping, the vapor produced contain some burnt taste
·         You experience difficulty when you try to breathe in via your e cigarette
·         The vapor produced is very low unlike when you bought the vape mode
Read more telltale signals at Grand Vapor Station to be on informed and extra cautious. In case, one or more of the above ensues, it is advisable to tidy your cartomizer for undisturbed vapor smoking. That said one would be capable of prolonging the lifespan of the atomizer as well as having a smooth vaping experience. 

There are several ways of cleaning; some are effective compared to others. The initial commendation is typically to blow your cartomizer. Blowing usually restore several glitches. Detach your heating compartment form the cartridge, and then blow on one end to thrust the surplus juice or grease onto a paper towel from the spiral end.
If this does not improve, consider try any of the following means:
1.       This is the hot-water-rinse technic – it works to rectify trivial hitches.

·         Place the atomizer in very hot water; grave residue will loosen
·         Blow it to eliminate excessive moisture
·         Place it face upwards to drain now any left water
·         Place it close to an air conditioner for 24 hours
2.       There is also the baths or soaking method – this is the most used technic. It helps a lot, though one has to be patient.

·         Leave it in water for an hour or two
·         Blow through it to remove surplus water
·         Soak once more in water. This time, leave it for about three hours
·         Blow through it to eliminate excess moisture
·         Keep it in an upright posture
·         Place it close to a fan for the next 24 hour before assembling your vape mod
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