Thursday, 19 March 2015

How to clean an atomizer

Vapers who consider vaping their e cigarettes with drip tips and atomizers (cartomizer combo) normally feel this way, as they think cartomizer combos entail savor and vapor creation features better than cartomizers. The shortcoming, however, is that they are pricier per piece – usually sells at $20 for a topnotch piece and at times the price is higher. 

In case, you need an affordable use of vape mod, make sure your cartomizer combo lasts longer as much as possible. Read along to learn some tips on how to clean a cartomizer combo and eliminate the deposit, which amasses when you vape for weeks. 

With the advices, one can possibly increase the savor production whilst greatly extending the life of your mechanical mods. 

Shallow atomizer cleaning
You possibly only switch you e cigarette battery like once in a day, and that is roughly how frequently Grand Vapor Station recommend doing a fast cleansing. The only materials needed for cleaning are a bottle of the e-juice and a paper towel you plan to use after changing batteries.
Detach the atomizer and take a keen look at the mod’s drip and winding, too. Most probably, a tad of nicotine juice will have amassed in one or even several areas. Pleat your paper towel to form a thin triangle and cram it into all parts to suck the nicotine juice up. If the casing of your mechanical mod acts as the battery too, continually perform this prior to recharging the battery to eschew the e-juice form finding its way into the charger. 

The following procedure is to pleat your paper towel into a quadrangle and clutch it on one ending of you atomizer whilst puffing on the other side. For impeccable outcomes, you ought to blow on the winding whilst placing the paper towel above the gap on the drip tip. Even though it is seems nasty to puff across the drip tip, performing this technique may thrust the cartomizer combo’s wick downward. There is no danger if you do it moderately, however, there is a likelihood that blowing past the drip tip can instigate constrained airflow and deteriorate the performance of your vape mod in general. 

With the surplus nicotine juice emptied in the interior of the cartomizer combo, one could add a tad of extra e-juice through the drip tip and continue vaping.

Deep atomizer cleansing

Deep cleaning you atomizer occasionally can aid you eliminate grave deposits on the heating coil like vegetable glycerin, sweetener and flavors. To cleanse your cartomizer combo in this way, start by warming some water for about one minute. Make sure the water gets warm but not beyond the boiling point. 

Put your cartomizer combo into the warm water and whoosh it round carefully until when confident that all deposit is eliminated. After you have completed, puff mildly via the atomizer to get rid of excessive water.

Lastly, allow your piece to dry totally - if possible close to a fan – for around 24 hours. The moisture soaks the wick after a deep cleansing, and it taste bad when you vape.
Afterwards, attach your atomizer with the drip tip, yet do not fix to your vape mod. Add e-juice, wait for 30 seconds, and wipe the excess juice. Reassemble you e cigarette, and voila! Enjoy your vaping!

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