Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Types of e cigarette atomizer

Vape mod atomizers are vital components of vaping. They are the parts where heating of the nicotine liquid takes place and transforming it into vapor while you vape. While you should not be anxious about them in case, you use customizers because of the combination. You require them in virtually every other e cigarette. That makes it essential not only to realize how mods function, but also to grasp a perception of the diverse atomizers accessible for you to use. Continue reading to learn some of the common brands and the reason you might need to use them rather than the one, which came with the mechanical mod.

L88B e cigarette atomizers

The above-mentioned atomizer was among the first models to appear in the marketplace. L88B model was very common amidst vapers until customizers sprang up. In case, you own a tiny vape mod, there is a higher probability that you use the L88B brand. Again, if your e cigarette is compatible with 306 or even 510 models, then L88B can be supported. Moreover, one can make use of drop tips crafted for with the 306 model with a L88B one.

510 vape mod atomizers
The 510 atomizer is probably the most popular nowadays. It hangs on its design. Instead of mounting trickle ends on the cap of an extended viaduct like L88B models need, the 510-model channel is covered by a hollow tube. This lets drop tips to mount within the mod component.
The tube also works as a well that lets the 510 model to be a bit more absolving in case you overfill a cartridge or put excess nicotine liquid. The coil producing heat is away from your tongue unlike the L88B or 306 types. This ends up to a calmer and softer vaping. In addition, one can make use of the drip tips or cartridges particularly crafted for 510 atomizers. Any mechanical mod compatible with L88B and 306 types can fit in the 510 type. 

306 e cigarette atomizers
Studies have the word that only one company in China has been able to release the 306 type of atomizer in the market place. Persons who vape with help of drip tips exclusively make use of the 306 type.
The 306 type is also probably the most favored type by persons who like to modify their e cigarettes to achieve the greatest vaping experience conceivable. One can acquire the 306 type with any level of resistance you can think of, inclusive or not of the metallic passage, bearing closed cavities on the foot to stop outflows from touching the battery and in many more shapes. 

Grand Vapor Station recommend the 306 atomizer if you need a calming moment when you vape. It appears to form the most relaxing vapor, which is packed with savor. 

Other vape mode atomizers
There is the 901 type, which has a noticeable similarity to 510 models when one observes them from top. You can use any adapter that is compatible with 306, L88B, and 510 types.
Lastly, there is the 801 type, which was common with first pen-like vape mods. Nowadays, it is very hard the find one in the vape stores. Visit to learn more on the atomizers.

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