Wednesday, 18 March 2015

How to fix a flooded atomizer

Until now, the drip tip is one of the biggest developments from the time when e cigarettes were invented. The drip tip is essential since there are no throwaway units and no refilling of gauze to get between vapor and vapers. Nevertheless, there is an infrequent unexpected result, which could make sopping very unkind — a clogged atomizer. By the moment, one understands their vape mod is flooded, time is far much gone; you have nicotine juice leaking on your hands and most possibly on your tongue as well. Voila! Grand Vapor Station offers some killer tips to you. Explained are reasons as to why your atomizer is flooded as well as how to fix it.

Why is your atomizer flooded?

Within your atomizer, you will get a heating element enfolded round the wick. The wick retains a tad of juice, to keep the coil soaked. If you add some nicotine juice to the heating compartment when the wick is already drenched, the compartment floods. This may ensue since you lose trail of the number of times you used the electronic cigarette since the last moment you added nicotine juice.
Overflowing may also transpire if the heating compartment exceeds past its highpoint and does not warm as fast and consistently when you vape as it used to do when it was fresh. Since the heating coil is reducing its performance, you obtain less nicotine shot when vaping.
You may suppose that it have to be because the atomizer is running dry. That said you add more nicotine juice and — too bad! — You have already caused a flooding to your compartment.

Restoring a flooded atomizer

When you are restoring a flooded heating compartment, there is a very crucial point that you ought to bear in mind: if the vape mod heating coil is breaking down, there is no way you can fix it. This calls for a novel new atomizer. With the provision that the e cigarette is emitting some vapor, however, you can clean up the superfluous nicotine when flooding occurs and proceed with vaping. All that you require is a paper towel.

If you vape regularly, you do not want to miss your nicotine fix at any time. That said Grand Vapor Station offers impeccable tips to ensure your mechanical mod is in its ship-shape position. Take apart your electronic cigar. If you are utilizing one of the more regular vaping systems, this will offer you a cartridge, a battery, a drip tip, and perhaps an atomizer cone. The paper towel is handy to swab the outside of every article, concentrating mostly on the battery contacts. You can also pleat the paper towel when cleaning very narrow gaps. If compulsory, use plenty of paper towels to make sure that the nicotine juice does not leak on your fingers.

Then, change the drip tip on the atomizer. Pleat the paper towel severally and clamp it on one the end of the compartment. Blow lightly across the drip tip until the babbling sound ceases. Reconstruct the e-cigarette.

You can now vape as normal. Add some drops of e-juice, hold your horses as the wick soak and hey presto! Puff away! 

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